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About Me

My name is Brian Henzelmann, and I focus on how software and supporting technology solves business problems. I love that I can creatively build something from nothing while positively impacting the people who are using it. Because of this, I find myself trying to balance depth and breadth of experience in front end, back end, UX design, product management, testing, automation, and team leadership.


Full Stack Engineering

Data Modeling & System Design

Business Acumen

People Leadership & Coaching

Agile Methodologies

Platforms, DevOps, & CI/CD


Languages & Frameworks

Material UI
Spring Boot

Data Management


Cloud & Automation

Cloud Foundry
Concourse CI


I'm a proud graduate of GE's Digital Technology Leadership Program where I learned from some of the best and brightest leaders in the world. After the program, a new space in GE focused on the Industrial Internet of Things, Predix, became my focus. I designed, architected, and developed several greenfield applications that eventually transformed into a hub-based micro app/service architecture. I learned a lot about enterprise software and how to build a new team of passionate engineers.

I decided that it was time to explore a new industry and dive deeper into a test-first engineering mindset, so I moved into a technical coaching role in Northwestern Mutual where I had the opportunity to work with many teams, all with their own technologies, personalities, and quirks. It has been a privilege to be able to learn through these teams. Unfortunately, business priorities did not align to our broader team's direction, and the work was stopped 8 months after joining the company; however, I was able to land in a role where I would get my first opportunity to prove my technical skills on a commercial software team.

Throughout my professional experience, I've had such a positive experience from Pivotal - whether with Spring, Cloud Foundry, or Pivotal Labs. When a friend told me about an opening in their pre-sales organization focused on evangelizing for Cloud Foundry, I had to jump on it. I haven't been disappointed in that decision, as I've met a ton of great people, learned a ton about managing distributed systems, and have seen how cloud natives patterns can help organizations accelerate their path to production. Pivotal has since been acquired by VMware Tanzu.




2018 - ongoing
There's nothing more exciting than taking all your skills and experiences and pouring them into building something from scratch. Being a co-founder of a small business gives you experiences you can take back to other roles. I enjoy working with our small team to build a scalable SaaS business, identify market opportunities, quickly deliver value, operate our own code, and manage our own finances.
We use many technologies to deliver value. React Native and React with Material UI give our visual design in browsers, Android, and iOS. Spring Boot APIs and functions connected to PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, AWS DynamoDB, and AWS S3 persist relational, document, and object data. Redis caches data and queues non-critical data between services. AWS SQS queues critical data. AWS SNS and AWS SES send communications to our users. GitLab and GitLab CI handle our pipelines which run unit tests with Jest and JUnit, analyzes static code with SonarQube, and builds OCI containers before depositing in GitLab Registry and automatically deploying to Kubernetes clusters running on vSphere 7 and AWS EKS.
Pingum is a cloud and mobile workflow tool for teams and businesses who are still tracking their workflows through emails and spreadsheets. If you have a distributed team who needs to get notified of assigned work and provide updates on the go through workflows, then Pingum is the easiest solution to join the digital age. Check it out at
  • Design, build, & validate capabilities to capture market opportunities
  • Engineering, finance, sales, marketing, et al.

Senior Solutions Architect


2019 - 2022
  • Lead technical discovery & evaluation for GitLab prospects & customers
  • Communicate GitLab value-proposition through presentations, whiteboards, & demos
  • Collaborate with peers on best practices & custom solutions

Senior Platform Architect

VMware Tanzu (Formerly Pivotal)

2019 - 2022
My passion is to enable developer productivity - reduce friction for building and deploying delightful code that solves real business problems. I help organizations achieve this by showing them ways to increase deployment frequency and reduce their lead time for change, mean time to recovery, and change failure rate. Kubernetes is the foundation, but only the start. When done right, developers spend less time on yaml and more on writing code.
I have completed my Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) and Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certifications and have started focusing on the AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate certifiction.
  • Presented & implemented the VMware Tanzu vision & product portfolio for technical leadership at 15 large enterprises in Wisconsin
  • Defined technical strategy for over 20 account plans across region
  • Advocated for Developer Experience in a DevOps world
  • Evangelized cloud-native design patterns & XP development practices
  • Defined cloud agnostric container strategies for Container-as-a-Service & Platform-as-a-Service using Kubernetes & Cloud Foundry

Senior Software Engineer

Northwestern Mutual

2018 - 2019
I developed commercial software as part of a lean, modern software engineering team. We handled the facilitation of all external and partner communication through email, web, and push notifications, while providing approved templates, recipient analytics, and centralized compliance. Since I joined the team, I introduced TDD, BDD, and an improved continuous integration pipeline while driving new features, influencing the cloud-native architecture, and being a go-to resource for React and Node development.

Lead DevOps Coach

Northwestern Mutual

2017 - 2018
I worked as a senior technical coach for Northwestern Mutual's transformation team. I drove the creation of a curriculum utilizing Dojos, technical trainings, and examples to spread adoption of BDD, TDD, CI/CD, and other modern software engineering practices.
To be an effective and respected coach, it was imperative to be familiar with Node.js, Express, Reactjs, Cucumber, Jest, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme, GitLab CI, Jenkins, AWS, Sinon, Cloud Foundry, Spring / Spring Boot, and many other technologies.
  • Designed 2-week immersive training on quality engineering using BDD, TDD, CI/CD, pairing, & microservice architecture
  • Coached 6 scrum teams with 100 NPS rating
  • Built scalable training strategy to expand depth & breadth of reach to the enterprise

Lead Software Engineer

GE Digital

2015 - 2017
Senior Software Engineer and Architect for GE Healthcare's Digital Enterprise Technology organization responsible for the successful engineering and architecture design of Predix based software products.
  • Led a DevOps team of 10 software engineers through design, build, test, and support of new manufacturing productivity solutions using modern Agile methodologies and CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Git, and Cloud Foundry
  • Mentored & directly managed leadership program members, providing career & technical guidance & semi-annual reviews
  • Interviewed candidates for various entry-level, senior, & director vacancies
  • Built a micro app and micro service based software platform used by every manufacturing site in every GE business unit globally, with over 700 daily active users and over 7,000 monthly active users
  • Trained 230+ new and experienced resources on the Predix Cloud Foundry platform in 5 countries
  • Drove the strategy and adoption of enterprise software development in Brilliant Factory, Asset Performance Management, and analytics
  • Built software engineering capabilities and standards across a global team of 30 people
  • Set architecture guidelines and governance
  • Rapidily prototyped software solutions
  • Interviewed, onboarded, and mentored new team members

Digital Technology Leadership Program

GE Healthcare

2014 - 2016
This leadership program is a two-year program with four rotational job assignments focused on GE’s top digital initiatives. Program members lead by doing—gaining real-world experience by working on important and challenging projects alongside some of the brightest minds in the world.
  • Advised and directed teams on the use of Predix, GE's leading software development cloud platform for the Industrial Internet
  • Architected and developed a self-service big data & analytics tool focused on ingestion, transformation, analysis, and visualization of data
  • Developed a tool to enable crowd-sourcing of ideas for all of GE Healthcare
  • Built a hybrid iOS app to allow interviewers to easily conduct and log digital interviews, saving time and resources
  • Developed testing & issue tracking tool, adopted as global best practice for the Life Sciences business
  • Developed room availability tool, improving daily efficiency
  • Led 4 web development classes for employees' growth in technical depth
  • Managed $3.7 million operating plan within 5.4% variance of planned budget
  • Led peers in an emerging technologies committee, focused on learning, sharing, and collaborating
  • Drove wing-to-wing integration testing for 7 global acquisition regions to enable the business to go-live with the $1 billion Thermo Fisher acquisition
  • Drove application testing during infrastructure cut-over to ensure day-1 readiness
  • Managed the development life-cycle of the Siebel-interfacing Mobile CRM application enhancements in 3 agile sprints, taking 110 user stories to production
  • Managed an offshore development team to build out requirements and designs
  • Implemented agile operating mechanisms, improving meeting efficiency by 67%
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